RAW Water and Summit Spring Water both come from the same source, Summit Spring.

Water from this source requires no treatment whatsoever and exceeds every State and Federal guideline for drinking water straight from the ground. It is extensively tested for over 200+ contaminants. It complies with all 50 states and meets the most stringent requirements.  

RAW Water is completely untouched and untreated, filled by gravity directly into the bottle directly from the source. It is a natural food and must be stored intentionally like fine wine, in a cool, dark place. All of our water is shipped fully boxed for this exact reason, to protect it from light. Most people that buy RAW Water understand the quality of this product and the unique way in which it must be stored.

Summit Spring water resembles the more conventional spring waters out there and is usually not handled or stored in this protective way. Summit Spring Water is still completely unfiltered, and gravity fed. 

Pallets (60 cases) are also available for purchase. For more information, call 207-583-2286

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