Pallet Ordering

Summit Spring Pallets

Water Sovereignty Through Pallet Ordering 

As the strains on our water infrastructure continue to mount and widespread contamination becomes more frequent, we encourage you to order Summit Spring water by the pallet, shipped directly to your home. 

Direct benefits of ordering Summit Spring water by the pallet:

  • Less costly than ordering and shipping by the case
  • Discounts for 2 or more pallets
  • Peace of mind in your at-home water security
  • Easy to store in a cool or room temperature spot
  • No shelf life, water does not expire
  • Approximately a year’s supply of water for two people per pallet

Pallet details and pricing:

1L bottles — $1020 plus shipping

• 60 cases of 12 bottles each (720 bottles)

0.5L bottles — $1200 plus shipping

• 60 cases of 24 bottles each (1440 bottles)

We bottle our water on request and ship pallets by common truck carrier, avoiding the higher costs of shipping by the case. (Shipping a pallet is routinely 1/6th of shipping a case or less.) Summit Spring also offers discounts for orders of 2 pallets or more.

Order your pallet today!

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Pallet Ordering
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A pallet represents water sovereignty for you and your family, especially in the advent of widespread contamination or natural disasters. At Summit Spring we are happy to provide a safe and smart way to preserve the most important thing we all need to survive and thrive. All cases are fully boxed to protect from light. It is best to store our water in a cool environment, not refrigerated, just cool or at room temperature. Avoid extreme temperatures.