Summit Spring Water and Raw Water



No Pumps. No Boreholes. Just Gravity.

True free-flowing natural spring source where water is collected only at the spring without the use of pumps or boreholes and gravity fed to the bottling plant 50 feet away.

Tourmaline Spring Water

Meet the Tourmaline Spring

The naturally purest spring water on the face of the planet directly from the source in pristine Maine.

Know where your
water comes from.

About our spring

All natural and
always pure.

About water quality

Summit Spring Water is authentic, free-flowing natural spring water that comes from a single protected aquifer deep beneath the pristine forests of Maine. We collect only the natural overflow without the use of pumps, bore holes, or other artificial means that can offset the balance of nature.

Summit Spring History

In the 1800’s Summit Spring water was sold as a healing tonic with claims that it relieved a host of common maladies, from arthritis, kidney disease, to nervous disorders. It was put up in 35 gallon spruce barrels and glass bottles and shipped by horse-drawn carriage, steamer, train, and ocean liner to major cities around the US and even to Europe.

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