• Introducing Summit Spring

    Introducing Summit Spring

    Our water flows from the ground at 750' above sea level, near the highest point in Cumberland County, and nearly 350' higher than the surrounding terrain. How does it do that? Frankly, we're not sure, but it's been doing it all on its own for hundreds of years. Learn more about our spring in this video.

  • Interview with Daniel Vitalis

    Interview with Daniel Vitalis

    Daniel Vitalis interviews Bryan Pullen president of Summit Spring water to learn about one of the purest water sources on the planet. This is a great video showing a true, pure spring that is totally gravity fed and has not had any unnatural means to harvest the water.

  • New England Business Day

    New England Business Day

    NECN Boston News Coverage - Amy Sinclair from NECN interviews Summit Spring president, Bryan Pullen, and learns more about the spring's history and current operation.

  • Summit President Address

    Summit President Address

    Summit Spring president, Bryan Pullen, addresses Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce

  • Made in Maine

    Made in Maine

    Summit Spring is featured on Made in Maine on MPBN New Bottles on the Block.

  • Summit Spring on Fox Business

    Summit Spring on Fox Business

    Summit Spring Water CEO Bryan Pullen on the history of the bottled-water company that gets its water from a spring in Maine.

  • Summit Spring Bubbling

    Summit Spring Bubbling

    Under water footage of Summit Spring bubbling away.

  • Tourmaline Spring

    Tourmaline Spring

    Introducing Tourmaline Spring Water

  • Full Measure Feature

    Full Measure Feature

    You may not know it but there's a war going on over the nation's water. Right now, bottled water is poised to outsell soft drinks for the first time. Some insist it's a healthy trend. But others say bottled isn't necessarily better than tap and worry about the environmental impact. That's this week's cover story: Water Wars.