Bryan Pullen, Summit Spring Water:

The Raw Unfiltered Truth! feature on by The Organic View

Pure drinking water is clearly the most precious commodity. Without it, no living being can survive. Unfortunately, as our drinking water resources are becoming contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and other runoff waste, the sources for pure drinking water have becoming scarce. Even in South America, the cost of soda is by far cheaper than the cost of drinking water. How is it even possible that something that is free flowing is this difficult to find? Most people simply think that bottled water is bottled water. Just what exactly are you buying when you purchase bottled water? Is there such a thing as “raw” water? Yes, there is! Summit Raw Spring Water is a unique company that has the actual mineral rights to a natural spring and is able to bottle water right from the source! When you are drinking a bottle of Summit Raw Spring Water, you are drinking water that is gravity-fed, unfiltered and untouched. Their raw “living” spring water is gathered from one of the oldest and most revered natural spring water sources in North America. The water is actually shielded from harmful sunlight the entire way and comes straight from Mother Nature, without ANY treatment or filtration.

In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will speak to Bryan Pullen, CEO of Summit Spring Water about the things you need to know about your drinking water and why “Raw” water is really making a splash!

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