The Issue:

After the better part of a century fighting disease and untold billions of dollars spent on research, we find ourselves at a critical juncture. The primary emphasis has been on treating symptoms with pharmacology and easing patients suffering after they get sick.

It is apparent that a more proactive prophylactic approach to wellness is sorely needed. Health and Wellness, a topic heretofore lacking in prominence, is starting to take center stage; and rightly so.

The Primary Tenants to that end in order of importance:
#1 AIR                  #2 WATER                      #3 FOOD                       # 4 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS
We will leave numbers 1, 3, & 4 to the respective experts in those fields and concentrate on the second most important element to good health, Water.

We often wonder what the common denominator might be in our society that leads to these health problems, and water is certainly in that category. 90% of our population derives their drinking water from municipal sources and 98% of those treatment facilities use chlorine as the key water disinfectant, primarily because of its lower cost and the ability to maintain a chemical residual in the water for weeks on end. Showering in heated, chlorinated water elevates the levels of transdermal absorption and inhalation of chlorine gas to even higher levels of exposure. We are basically washing the inside and the outside of our bodies every day, for a lifetime, with a chemical cocktail containing the likes of Chlorine, Fluoride, Chloramines, (DBP) Disinfection Byproducts, (THM) Trihalomethanes,  Anti-corrosives, Lye, Pharmaceutical drugs and a host of other man-made and natural contaminants from poor source water. The human blood supply is 90% water and common sense would dictate that building one’s own out of such a chemical mixture must have deleterious effects.

We propose a far superior solution. Free-flowing Natural Maine Spring Water captured and gravity fed into the bottle, only at the source from one of the oldest springs in North America. Awarded the first ever regulatory approval in Maine-and we believe the United States-to bottle spring water straight from the ground without any treatment or filtration whatsoever. A product so unique, it is without peer; Summit Spring Water. This water has been protected underground for millennia and is the purest natural product that humans will come into contact with, in their lifetimes. We constantly receive testimonials from customers that speak of a complete sensation of symptoms to asthma, eating disorders, digestion problems and the like; we believe because of hypersensitivity to the chemicals contained in tap water and products made from it. There is obviously much research to be done on water, but water devoid of any trace of Man’s existence on Earth has got to be better for you; in the same vein as organic foods and natural products that receive as little treatment and exposure as possible to our increasingly polluted world.

We are searching for cutting edge health professionals that want to be on the forefront of an emerging, increasingly intelligent demographic that realize the importance of healthy eating and drinking habits. As Summit Spring is a truly limited resource, we anticipate a restricted clientele list no greater than 150,000 people out of a nationwide population approaching 300,000,000. These will be the most selective and affluent families well versed in their journey toward great health and longevity. People are quickly becoming disillusioned with the “standard fare” offered for consumption, increasingly devoid of nutritional value and even sliding towards that which causes harm.

We want to join with those health professionals to provide to their patients a superior product far different from the myriad of charlatans out there that range from bogus marketing claims to outright deceit. Pure, natural spring water without the sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors, caffeine, preservatives, etc., that do nothing more than lower the hydrating capability of water.

Summit Spring Water will be shipped directly from the source here in Maine to your client, essentially making you distributors without ever having to touch the product. Sophisticated affiliate software in our updated website will track the origin of the inquiry and appropriate credit will be given in addition to those specific named lists provided in advance. Ultimately water is a product that needs to be consumed many times a day, every day-not a fad or a random impulse product purchased infrequently.

This adds up to a win-win situation for all involved. Summit Spring has a historic reputation as a healing tonic and the credibility of providing a product that has been touted for its healing properties since the 1800’s. “To Drink of God’s only beverage for Man or Beast at Summit Spring, that Fountain of Life, that will renew the Youth of the Old, if ever such a place was Created” 1905 Centennial Celebration of Harrison…

It was true 150 years ago, and it remains so today. “One of the Most Remarkable springs ever discovered in New England”.

We look forward to working with you in that quest. Thriving in an increasingly hostile landscape.

Be well.
N. Bryan Pullen

Summit Spring Water, Inc
Harrison, Maine, U.S.A.