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Bryan Pullen, President of Summit Spring Water in Maine, has developed 5 tips to keep in mind regarding healthy drinking water.

Bryan offers these easy-to-follow guidelines for the best types of bottled water to drink:

1) It must say “Natural Spring Water” – these three words are regulated by law.

2) If the bottle has as nutrition facts label, it is not pure – it has been doctored by chemicals and treatments. Real spring water should have no label.

3) If the label says that it comes from more than one source, it is not as pure as it can be (i.e. Source: Summit Spring, Harrison ME, vs. Poland Spring, 7-8 sources). The purest water comes from one source.

4) Choose a low TDS water (total dissolved solids-a measure of total mineral content), preferably less than 100 ppm or mg/L. Low mineral content water is much easier to digest and will not upset a persons stomach even during or after vigorous exercise. It will probably be necessary to visit websites to obtain this information and to research the chemical analysis.

5) Look for a natural spring water sourced from a “free-flowing” spring, gathered-not extracted thru a bore-hole with pumps.

Keep these tips in mind next time you are purchasing bottled water.