the summit spring eagle

The eagle in our logo pays homage to Summit Hill’s historical reputation as a breeding ground for eagles. The highest point in Cumberland County, Summit Hill rises more than 350′ higher than the surrounding terrain. It’s no wonder Summit Hill was chosen by these majestic raptors.

L. Franklin VanZelm, the famous Christian Science Monitor Illustrator/Cartoonist bought the Summit Spring Hotel (55 rooms) as his private residence in the 1930’s. He was so impressed with the mating rituals of this Crowned or Crested Eagle taking place overhead that he created a change to the Summit Spring logo (which from the 1800’s originally depicted just a mountain) to include the Eagle perched on the mountain top. He not only started bottling again in 1936, he restored the bottling building and also for the first time, built the beautiful stone Spring House which still stands today over the previously exposed spring source. This iconic spring house has been imitated by many others in the years since. The Spring House masonry and field stones exist today untouched as they were in 1936, signed in mortar by the original masons. Because of the constant flow of 46 degree water, year-round, normal freeze-thaw cycles are avoided, the building has stayed at a nearly constant temperature for nearly 80 years and remains in remarkable condition.