raw water

Gravity fed, Unfiltered and Untouched.

Our Raw “Living” Spring Water is gathered from one of the oldest and most revered natural spring water sources in North America and comes to you just as it “bubbles from the spring™” mere minutes after leaving the Earth. Shielded from sunlight the entire way, this spring water comes straight from Mother Nature without ANY filtration or treatment.

Summit Spring, the source of Raw Water, is so pure that we were given the first and only exemption from treatment in Maine’s history. Summit Spring water exceeds every State and Federal guideline for drinking water, straight from the ground. We know of no other source in the United States that is allowed such latitude. The fact that we capture real, natural Maine spring water from a centuries old true free-flowing source, without the use of pumps or boreholes and then gravity feed the water to our bottling facility located just 50′ away, without any transport, with complete control over “cradle to grave” packaging coupled with decades long testing and safety history-gave the regulatory bodies confidence in awarding this unprecedented approval. Rest assured that the inspectors of both the Maine Drinking Water Program and the Maine Department of Agriculture (the only state in the US where bottled water approval is a dual responsibility between two agencies) take decisions like this very seriously. Summit Spring is also one of only two bottled waters in the State of Maine today to ever qualify for the coveted Maine Certified Premium Grade Designation for Bottled Water. The parameters to qualify for this designation have been in place since 1989, over 20 years ago.

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Our raw water mission:

WE take the responsibility of protecting this pristine and priceless natural  spring source and the water that flows from it very seriously.

We pledge to never alter, damage or destroy what nature has created by using bore holes, pumps or any other means to take from our SOURCE more water than what naturally flows forth from it. Doing things this way is sustainable-forever. Using boreholes and pumps is not.

We deem ourselves “Water Stewards” and as such this is OUR PLEDGE…
TO FIERCELY PROTECT and Preserve the Sanctity of Nature’s Most Extraordinary Gift of Life — A Natural Spring — For All of Time — A Sacrifice Honored in Perpetuity… TO BE LAUDABLE and Worthy Stewards — In Mother Nature’s Eyes… TO PROVIDE the Gift Most Necessary For Human Existence on Planet Earth In Its Purest and Most Natural Form… Without Which, All Life Would Cease — The Primary Element in the “Blood” of Every Living Thing… TO PROVE that Business and the Environment Can Exist Together, in Harmony, Responsibly, Sustainably and with Minimum Influence.

When you purchase our precious RAW ‘Living’ Spring Water you join with us in carrying forward this pledge.  We do business the ‘old-fashioned’ way with uncompromising ethics. This means we do not ‘rape and pillage’ our water source by boring a hole into the aquifer as almost all other companies do (please read UNDERSTANDING bore holes).  That is not the way we do business.

CALL it an anomaly… call it inexplicable… call it a divine act of nature; Water the way Mother Nature intended.

Whatever you call it, we believe our mystical spring produces what may very well be some of the purest natural source RAW water on the planet. We are very passionate about our spring and the water that flows from it.

The spring’s exit point, the place where the water flows naturally to the surface, is 750′ above sea level, nearly 350′ higher than the surrounding terrain, indeed Summit Hill is the highest ground in Cumberland County, Maine.

Once you understand the anatomy of a spring, you’ll understand why the existence of these springs seems almost physically impossible. For a spring to exit the ground at this height without higher terrain existing within close proximity speaks volumes and, frankly, it’s simply unheard of.

During the Centennial Celebrations of Harrison, Maine in 1905, there was a special tribute made to the spring “…one of the most remarkable springs ever discovered in New England…”…”To drink of God’s only beverage for man or beast at Summit Spring, that fountain of life, which will renew the youth of the old if ever such a place was created”

Explore our website in detail and discover all you can about RAW “Living Spring Water”… then try of our water… we’re certain, you’ll never experience water the same way again! Drink our water for a week and you’ll have a hard time going back to anything else, we promise. Remember: 92% of your blood is water and drinking just one case a week, will turn over your entire blood supply; building it out of the purest substance you are likely to ever come in contact with in your lifetime. Conversely, think about what happens if you drink chemical laden tap water, replete with man’s contamination, deliberately and by law, with added chlorine and fluoride; to your blood stream. Folks, this is not rocket science. It’s just pure old fashioned common sense. Build your blood out of nature’s perfect gift. Be well and stay well.